Low FPS with linux

I was using jme on windows gettings around 6000 fps with one Box loaded. but when i changed to linux i get max 150? btw im a linux noob. From what i understand i have the right drivers installed so is there some kind of setting on jme thats holding me back or is there something i need to install to get better gpu performance in linux?

No, there is nothing like that on jme side.

Which distro/hardware/drivers do you have?

I littery just fixed it sorry haha. i had my gui running and i had to do “sudo service lightdm stop” before i installed nvida drivers. thanks for the reply though!

be aware installing drivers from the nvidia.run, will require you to reinstall them when you get a kernal update.

Venturing a guess its ubuntu.

Okay well noted. thanks


Recently (to my knowledge) a team has compiled a PERSONAL PACKAGE ARCHIVE (PPA) with currenty Nvidia drivers. ppas are not managed by Ubuntu

Installing for Ubuntu is super easy. No extra configuration needed. (keep in mind that it has been reported that with newer drivers achi probe can fail causing the system to hang at the logo. This can be fixed by booting through recovery mode option through grub and fixing the error) Nvidia linux drivers as of 8/21/15 beta = 355 “stable” = 352. Hope this helps.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:xorg-edgers/ppa

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install nvidia-355

sudo reboot