Ludumdare #18 - gamecoding competiton

Hi Monkey-People,

I will not give up announcing the ludumdare gamecoding competitions. For the ones who don't know about:

First of all it's virtual! you work at home or whereever you want, One Theme, 48h time, use every library you want, contents(music&graphics) have to be done during competition by your own. That's it! Last time there were about 200 entries…

This time there is also a jam! With more or less no rules but the theme…(but no voting afterwards)

Come on…it starts this friday! Have a look here:

Looks quite fun, could be interesting to try and do something as a team mash up for the Jam…

Personally I won't be able to do anything for this Comp as I'm studying hard for resits :frowning: