LWJGL 1.0 Release Candidate 1 released! Sunday, January 7th, 2007

From the LWJGL forums the announcement was made:


grab it here:

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Yes thats right! - The first release candidate, and hopefully only (yeah right).

applet test libraries are signed by lwjgl and includes fmod binaries that are used for demonstration purposes. You should only use the signed fmod lwjgl libs if you comply with the fmod license.
Applets are known to work in Firefox and Internet Explorer. Opera crashes for unknown reasons.

Fixed Cursor animation in osx - now emulated.
AWTGLCanvas: Added exceptionOccurred to allow users to be notified of unhandled LWJGLExceptions in paint().
Slew of fixes, especially to context/display creation and input.

Note, as with the last couple of releases - FMOD and DevIL is supplied in the optional package. Download this if you need these libraries.

What does this mean for jME??

Well frankly I'm not sure, but it appears there are fixes for bugs in the past version (always a good thing).

Just getting the news out there, I don't think it's any major changes, just figured I'd keep the jME community up to date.

We generally update lwjgl either when we push a jme release or if there are bugs in our current version of lwjgl that a newer release solves.

I'd love to see us push out jME .12 here soon and have it use lwjgl 1.0 rc1.

rc2 would have gone out last evening, but will probably go out tonight (pending 1 issue)

congratulations matzon for bringing out such a stable version (1 issue isn't much) :slight_smile: