Main-Menu Background

Hey all. We’re about to separate our game into GameStates. I’ve just done a quick little menu-test and I think it looks pretty cool, except there is no background (screenshot here).

I figure there’s not a really easy way to put a background behind that menu, and that I’ll end up creating a quad, texturing it, and rendering it orthographically. My main question is: is there an easy way to make the same background work for several different resolutions, or will I need to make a different background for every possible resolution?

i think i would try to create a fullscreen panel with fenggui, and set a background image.

A texture will fit a quad anyway, no matter what size it is, so i think having thre background in one resolution should be enough.

I'd suggest considering a 16:9 image that will still look good if the edges are cropped for a 4:3 screen

And where could I get a JME logo from?

EDIT: I'll just use the graphic that textures boxes in the beginner tuts.

EDIT: Also, if I wanted a 16:9 aspect ratio, what resolution should I use  XD

Screenshot of our short-term menu

Obviously we’ll add more scenery later (probably a screenshot from the game itself as the background) but the logos will remain. I’ll post one of it as the background of the menu later.

EDIT: New Screenshot

And here’s a thread on how to put backgrounds in FengGUI containers.