Make a Neon Vector Shooter (2d game)


im new to jmonkey and also to coding and stuff.i want to make a 2d game for my programming subject using jmonkey .already found one that web it stated that i need to have
MonkeyBlasterMain: Our main class containing the game loop and the basic gameplay.
PlayerControl: This class will determine how the player behaves.
BulletControl: Similar to the above, this defines the behavior for our bullets.

my question is how can i find those 3 file? or are they are some kind of plugin to jmonkey?

below is the link to the web.


this tutorial was translated to JME

yup.exactly.perhaps did u know where can i find those 3 file?or do i need to install some software to have those file?

i already create a new project in jmonkey.

If you read the comments on the page nehon linked there are links to the entire source of the MonkeyBlaster project.

Thanks.Already found that.

Btw anybody know where i can find web simple source code or complete project for my programming subject project. i already google it but it so hard to find.all i found just source code from and also incomplete project.Iā€™m new to this world so perhaps anybody willing to help me.thanks.


the tutorial for the neon vector shooter has a download box that will allow you to download the source files which you will need to use if you follow the tutorial because the tutorial doesnt exactly give you the import statements. and there are missing arguments in some of the constructors. the article is a pretty good launch pad for 2d development with jmonkey using just the guiNode

You can download the three source files from the following link.

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