Making jME more modular

Hi fellow monkeys,
Anyone who knows me well (maybe too well now, but please don’t bring that up) :grinning: knows that my current contribution mindset is to chip away at the many smaller things that need done in order to move the engine forward. Steps should be taken to make the engine more modular.

SO, I’m glad to see that the new SDK has Minie and Heart shipping with it. At some point, we need to not only take in the new, but take out the old. In order to accomplish this, the engine should have a clean sweep. But the one most worthy of a discussion regarding its removal, is jme3-bullet/jbullet. With Android support on the horizon, Minie is to a point in its life that its almost a complete drop in replacement for Bullet. So would the community agree on at least moving Bullet and another less important lib (Nifty) out of the engine? On top of this, other libraries like jme3-terrain might be removed and converted into community projects.
The only things jME needs to keep in the engine really are the graphics, audio, and input systems, platform supports, and maybe an AI engine. Everything else can really be a community project that is available on the Store. And we already have a start on Physics (Minie), GUI (Lemur) and Terrain (There a few on store iirc) .

Comments on the idea?

As you already know, I am in favor of decoupling most of the sub-projects from jme3-core. I’m promoting Minie, and I maintain my own public fork of jme3-nifty.

So would the community agree on at least moving Bullet and another less important lib (Nifty) out of the engine?

Perhaps that was a rhetorical question, but based on recent posts, I suspect you’re still unclear how the JMonkeyEngine community currently operates.

At the moment, no one person speaks for the community; no one can authoritatively answer your question. Nor can you get the commitment you seek by organizing an anonymous poll.

I expect the decision (about which sub-projects, if any, to decouple from jme3-core) will be made by the release manager of JMonkeyEngine 4 (or JMonkeyEngine 3.4, if there is one). Until it’s clear who that person is, drastic changes seem unlikely.

I’m still fairly new to JMonkeyEngine, so If I’m mistaken regarding How Things Work, someone please correct me!

Well my instinct is to believe those with most authority are leaders, I enjoy feedback from everyone though.

I’m aware you offered to manage the dot dot releases of jme3.3. But I’m unaware of a 3.4 leader, your probably right that this is still going to not be something serious until then.