Map Creation Question

Hey guys, i recently got stuck with map creation.

my first question is , runescape terrain is 3D or 2D? and how to create similar terrain.?

another question i saw many tools that generate terrain , but is there any tool to design my terrain with mountains and something like that?

Please have a look at the wiki terrain page. Most things are explained there.

i'va read it all i know about heighmaps that can't  make cave's, but i want to know how to make terrain with tools or where to find information about terrain editor/creator programing, and is runescape terrain 2d?

here and download Freeworld3D 2.4.0 :wink:

i don't want to create new thread for this, but i come with another question.

can i create map with blender or other modeling program and then import it into game partitioned.

like i have map with 8x8 and it's divided into 2x2 smaller parts, so when i character moves another part of map is showed and old map gets deleted?

yes this is possible. you could detach the old map from the root scene node when the transition should be made and attach the new one. Of course it is a little more difficult because you don't want the player to get shocked by the transition because the new map pops up and the old jumps off.

Hope I could help a bit