(March 2015) Monthly WIP Screenshot Thread

Hi monkeys!

Remember my old post about “red pill”? If not, don’t worry, you didn’t lose anything :stuck_out_tongue:

However, “red pill” is rebranded “Red Monkey” and I have a screeshot that shows its progress:

Here you can see a red jaime that is running an animation because a banana is within his sight, and is managed with Behavior Tree (courtesy of @davebaol 's libgdx-ai) . Here is the logic script:

# Monkey tree

# Alias definitions
import sense:"redmonkey.elements.monkey.SenseTask"
import goto:"redmonkey.elements.monkey.GotoTask"
import sleep:"redmonkey.elements.monkey.SleepTask"

# Tree definition (note that root is optional)
      sense tag:Banana
      sleep times:5

With reference of my old post, this script is what I called “upper brain”.
Of course, there is the AISpace and senses behind the scene. The code is still a pile of :hankey: and I have to do some refactoring but at least it works! :smile:


Great stuff and excellent initiative on creating the March 2015 WIP thread. Keep up the good work :smiley:

I must object with this firmly.
Jaime is a “he”.

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Sorry, fixed that.

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Im taking a shot at a 3d Oregon Trail type game for Android

Its become quite a project


A bit early entry this month so not much visible progress on our Dungeon Keeper II remake, but:


Wow beautiful!
Add some AO and it’s gonna be gorgeous.

mhh…is that your voice?

I wish it was my voice :slight_smile:

I’ve been running the maps with SSAO (I assumed you meant this) and it indeed brings it to 2015 from 1999. Just waiting to finish the options dialog to add it “for real”. Waiting eagerly for JME 3.1 which MIGHT enable the use of lights for us. Torches, as real light.

Very nice, might be worth changing the near clipping on the camera as well unless that’s the intended effect there for the models to sort of disappear.

Thanks. The camera is a little off, best seen in the last turn, it should be to the right, and not tilt the camera like that. I tried to convert everything to the right handed coordinate system from an odd coordinate system. And the rotations aren’t quite there.

I do change the near clipping a bit. The original DK II camera paths are converted, and there is this near value (in weird format) I’m using, probably not totally right. But there is also a scale value for the bounding box (?) that I haven’t applied. I try to survive with the DK II data as much as possible.

Quite a long way still to:


I’ve got my own thread in user projects so I won’t spam this one, but here’s the new trailer. All JME and Nifty:


is it your game? :open_mouth: @empires awesome game , good luck :wink:

Woah woah woah woah woah! Dude! hold up! I hope you know what happens to these type of games!

I seriously hope you aren’t trying to sell this!

What happened to “Motor Rock” or Rock and Roll Racing 3d:

Even if the original game company (bullfrog) is dead… Peter Molyneux is not!
Nor are the artists, voice actors, model makers, et all… and this is definitely understood to be a “cover” game… rather than a spiritual successor!

Make sure to get the blessings of Folks involved in the original or make your own

Mix it up! Make it your own style and plot! Take the concepts that you loved and roll with it.

edit: Actually, come to think of it… War for the Overworld is about complete… they actually contracted the “guy with the voice” from DK and DKII

Don’t get your game nuked!

EA holds the rights to Bullfrog’s IPs, by default, I don’t know what they have sold etc. EA can be a pain in the good old a. But even they must understand that this only increases their revenue. I’m sure Peter M would appreciate our effort. Our remake is completely open source and the only assets we ship with it are our own. It requires the original game to play, and yes, even to develop. Open Source and free.

What we hope to achieve is OpenTTDness :slight_smile: Most complete remake I can think of right now. And what comes to EA, they have left CorsixTH to be at peace, at least for now. But there is not a law against what we do that I know of. Of course EA sued one Finnish modding crew even before EA released the game the crew was said to mod. And it is perfectly legal to mod the way they do. It is EA…

I’m old and lack imagination. I just want to play the games I played when I was a child all over again, in high res :slight_smile:

War for the Overworld is going to be awesome. I bought it already ~2 years ago, early access. It is a blessing they did this. But, it is not DK II.

This right here is what insulates you. You aren’t infringing their IP because you aren’t distributing it.


yeah @pspeed pointed out the important detail best.

That will cover you nicely, you aren’t authoring a game… you are merely making the bridge to allow others to play their old copy. AKA the game, itself, is not part of the d/l.

Yes. We are still using a name (OpenDungeonKeeper) that infringes everything in this world. But that is a known issue and subject to change before we actually release anything, which is also far away :smile:

Dungeon Keeper II from GOG or Origin works still somewhat ok. Crashes and artifacts are common though. But we hope to preserve this precious gem for the coming generations!

Yes, and that’s an even bigger deal because companies must enforce trademarks or they risk losing them. So if anyone notices, they will certainly send you a letter about that.


Yeah, why not try something like “briDgeKIt-It” or “Bridge Kit It” but with the distinctively recognizable “DKII” reference?