(March 2015) Monthly WIP Screenshot Thread

Yes, thanks. OpenDK (OpenJDK, problem there?) or OpenKeeper are on my mind. The remake of the first one is called KeeperFX. I’m very fond of the traditional naming on these projects. OpenMW (Morrowind) etc.

Digital Keeper to Infinity → DK2∞ (for those without utf8 it’s a math infinite symbol)


Been only able to work on my own stuff about 8 hours a week… and mostly back end stuff even then… so progress has been slow but I finally have something to post here.

The character creation screen is finally coming along:



I think minecraft has lost a lot of wind under it’s wings lately (mods were it’s strength) and Eloraam is far from releasing her own minecraft… so kinda the perfect moment for Mythruna to shine ^^.

To give a lil more details: minecraft is great, but it really is the mods that made it shine to me. Best version for me was 1.5.4 due to the amazing red power eloraam released for it. Eloraam won’t release mods for minecraft anymore, and most haven’t released for minecraft 1.8. Eloraam is making her own minecraft and if she finishes it, I suspect it will be brilliant, like red power was.

Just the start of my own little project :a computer based version of the game “full metal planet”.
Considering my track record, i don’t know if i will ever finish it, but it’s fun to create something, even if its only a few hours in the week.


Looks cool.

(Note: I don’t know if it’s just me but the download of your screen shot was very slow… reminded me of 1990s gif downloads from a BBS… coming in one scan line at a time. You might consider using something like imgur.com in the future.)

Cools stuff indeed.

@pspeed I believe the image is hosted by jmonkey cdn though should be ok to load one would think.

Yep, another one of those voxel games. Though its more of a learning experience for me to gain an insight in the different algorithms and concepts that are involved in the creating of voxel game. There is a long way to go before it actually becomes a real voxel game

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After some more work on the Oregon Trail style game I’m making I’ve finally got a playable demo version.

Here are some screenshots from the game.


@BigBob, very very nice. I love the idea of this game.
Also can’t wait for a playable version.
Keep us informed please.

I have a playable version now but unfortunately the tree model Im using and the grass cant be distributed (I likely shouldnt be using them at all) and I wouldn’t want people download it.

Which is why I didnt include the link

I am looking for a low poly tree and grass model similar to the ones I have but unfortunately good plants have always eluded me.

The tree is awesome as its >200 vertices, but unusable

There are some in the worldforge assetpack that arent included in the browser because some additions need to be made to its assetpack.yml

But I need to ask @normen how to get the materials right as the models appear red when I import them and I have to manually add the material.

The worldforge assetpack has many more potential models that are tougher to get to but I intend to start getting that done.

Maybe this is useful:

Videos showing them here:

And here:


Hi you all,
This is not a screenshot but rather a preview video.
It shows some of the 2D physics features in my upcoming cross platform game framework.
This video shows specifically the vehicle and hinge joint support.


For some reason, I can’t view the vids here (and I really want to :D). I use chrome.

After finding a quick replacement for the tree and the grass in the worldforge pack and some changes to the assetpack.xml I got it working.

A playable version of my game can be found here (Pretty much unbeatable, or super-duper-hard mode)

Or you can check out the source code here at my github

Haven’t heard of any other reports like that. I think it must be on your end.

Videos work for me fine.

Must be on my end then. I’m even having troubles with youtube and get regular messages about not enough space left on C. Thx.

NB: just so people don’t completely loose faith in me: the youtube problem is more recent.

This is the latest from my Dwarf Fortress inspired game Khazad, it’s fundamentally voxel based but uses a height value at the corner of each cube to generate slopping as well as vertical surfaces. It makes for surfaces that are both rougher and smoother then the usual cubism that is I think is getting a bit played out in the marketplace.

I’ll likely start a thread of my own when next release is ready.


Made a quick and dirty video of Mythruna character creation in action: