(March 2015) Monthly WIP Screenshot Thread

Really nice stuff Paul, a suggestion because these types of things always annoy me, could you make the “First name” and “Last name” input fields blank rather than say “New” “Character”. Always annoying when you have to actually go and delete something obvious out of input fields before you can put what you want in there. For bonus points, add a “Random Name” button that generates a name for you :wink:

Keep up the nice work!

Yeah, the UI will go through a lot of iterations… eventually clicking on the field should fully select the text so that typing anything replaces it… then it won’t matter what I started with. :smile:

I do intend to have random name generators someday… all of the ones I’ve found online so far are GPL and while I understand the principle and could write one in about 30 minutes, creating the stem data files would take much longer.

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The book UX flow is really awesome, but the slider for gender choosing is a bit embarassing. Are you implying that Male < Female ? :stuck_out_tongue:

I suggest to put a radio, a combo, a bistate button or a popup (you did it for color choosing, so…)

If there was a combo box in Lemur then I’d have used a combo box… but sometimes I have to decide if I’m writing a game or a framework and work on the game.

Hello monthly screenshot champs! Working on anything cool these days? Whether it’s the same thing as it was back when this thread started or something brand new, however big or small, please consider sharing it for the 2015 jMonkeyEngine showcase video:

Keep the WIPs coming!