(March 2016) Monthly WIP screenshot thread

Here we are again! Another month, another increase in scope :slight_smile: Anyways, here’s some things we’ve been working on. 3D models for the alien races and total-war style all out brawls.

Also, better illustration for interplanetary alliances. This is important because if you conquer a planet by force, their allies (the green lines) will not barter with you in the future. Their enemies (the red line) will give you a little bonus for conquering them though :smile:


…docks level…all upcoming work is basically conversion to JME, and i have plenty of levels to convert…i hope you like it…


WoW. They are really awesome and realistic.Thanks.
What is your fps in rendering those scenes ?

…its hitting 150-175 fps…JME3 rocks…


How did you create the lightmaps for these scenes?

…3dsmax VRay…then FBX->Blender->JME3

but some lights are dynamic…so when character passing by torch light, for example, is lit and so on…


Are you using TexCoord2 + LightMap using the jME3 lighting shader or do you have your own? I don’t think our Blender importer actually supports importing lightmaps.

…im not using official importer…it was proven to be a bit difficult to work with, which was one of my very first posts i ever made here…


Well, it’s great that you’ve found a way to get your art pipeline working. It re-enforced what a lot of people say about AAA games being mostly about AAA art.

Any chance there are parts of your pipeline that could help the community? Or is it all proprietary? We know the asset pipeline is a huge weakness… but also a huge amount of work.


…i didn’t do anything spectacular with pipeline that is worth mentioning…everybody here can do it easy…its more some sort of workaround around known limitations, to get desired effect :

-3DSMAX part-

  1. Do lighting in 3dsmax+VRay and bake it
  2. Save UV data
  3. Collapse level in to one mesh
  4. reapply saved UV data on to collapsed mesh on to same channel where diffuse was
  5. Apply saved lightmap on to collapsed mesh
  6. Export 2 files then, Level_Difuse.FBX and Level_LM.FBX


  1. Load FBX
  2. Export as Blend , both individual Level_Difuse and Level_LM

In JME i have just load both and apply blending additive on to LM one and thats does the trick…

FPS with diffuse level only is some 8-10 fps faster than with both loaded, which is acceptable for me, having in mind that frame rate never drops under 120. Thats all about it. Not really elegant, but works without hickups and troubles, but good enough to easy apply soft day/night transitions by using few LM meshes, and few other things which i will need.


Hi @Ecco
Can you please , please :innocent: make a video tutorial showing how you do the above steps practically on an example 3d model through 3dsmax to jme? it would be very very great and will help us a lot … . Thanks bro .

I missed the whole February, because of some business, and trying to figure out a good concept art for puzzle system, then we are back to the game, my first satisfying concept for the puzzle solving system ( I just got it a few hours ago), as well it my fist encounter to the 2D graphics in JME 3, and as usual, JME impressed me



I think what @Ecco did because in his specific case he has already his game assets in 3d Max.
but I think if you are going to start from scratch you can have the same effect by baking cycles rendered scene from blender directly.

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Yes . I should do study on baking in blender. today I find this good topic about baking light map in blender.

Most of my assets are also with 3dsmax .(from CadNav.com) I just convert VrayMtl to Standard in 3dsmax (but @Ecco bake them which i never know about it and it is great idea ) then I export them to OpenCollada which works fine in blender .


Any plans for the release date, I am really excited to play this game :).

Just a quick hint raised by @FrozenShade in other thread, this filter sharpen the texture and make it more realistic, as well as it is very simple to apply, even though I do not spot a blurring but I do not have a good eye honeslty, it might be useful it give it a try


That should fully depend on your rig, others may or may not be so fortunate. What are your specs?

Doesn’t depend on his rig… :chimpanzee_closedlaugh:


True, I was talking more about the fps part :laughing: