(March 2016) Monthly WIP screenshot thread

…this is rig from where i did all work/capture…its not new machine and its performing very well…

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Rockin’ the 4gb RAM!

I also have 4gb of ram :smiley:

…i was under impression that 4 gigs of RAM is not so impressive these days?

4 gigs can still do a lot of stuff. But many people are used to have so many applications open, and many apps are memory hogs

I have another 4, exactly the same stick, same make same everything, just doesn’t work… sigh.

yeah 4gigs are really not impressive. but it makes your fps more impressiv though :wink:

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Added entrance and canopy for Skylimit Tycoon, http://www.indiedb.com/games/skylimit-tycoon


Not terribly visually pleasing, but something I’ve been wanting to get working in jME. Direct rendering of True Type fonts!

-Load the font
-convert the curves in the font file for a specified glyph to vertices representing the control points for a set of lines and quadratic bezier curves.
-triangulating these vertices using constrained Delaunay triangulation
-separate out the triangles containing a curve and all other tris inside the shape.
-assign UV coordinates that are interpreted by the shader so as to render the tris containing a curve as quadratic bezier curves calculated in the fragment shader and all other tris inside the shape as opaque.

The method I’m implementing is based on this paper here: http://research.microsoft.com/en-us/um/people/cloop/LoopBlinn05.pdf

Since the fonts are not rendered as textures, but rather curves calculated in the fragment shader the resulting text is fully scaleable without any pixelation whatsoever. Plus you can take advantage of everything your chosen font file contains, bold, italic, and the full gamut of characters!


Whoa! This is awesome! :smile:
Can we expect commit in the engine or is it a private thing? :smile:

That’s pretty cool!

@nehon Thanks, there’s just a couple of things from the paper I have yet to implement. I need to subdivide any off shape triangles in which all three edges border on shape triangles and then add anti-aliasing to the shader. Apparently the anti-aliasing method described in the paper only works if the off shape triangles share no more than two edges with on shape triangles. Plus I have to check for and take care of a rare situation in which the bezier control point overlaps another bezier triangle and split the larger triangle into two bezier triangles.

@InShadow I plan on posting a library with source when it’s done, I’ll integrate it into the AssetLoader system then all you’ll have to do is register the AssetLoader. The jMonkey guys are certainly welcome to integrate it with future engine releases if they feel so inclined.


That’s fantastic! Can’t wait to try it out!

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Added miniguns. Really quite satisfying to see spin up and fire, and setPitch() came in really handy for the background whine that needs to adjust pitch for spin speed.

I am slightly concerned about performance though since they’re about 900 triangles (and about 480 verts) each. Do you think I should decrease that a bit, or will it be fine? I really haven’t seen any performance impact but I’m on a GTX 760.

The billboards now have a scrolling screen-like effect that I’ve seen all other space games have, and it looks uncomparably more lifelike. All done using shaders of course, but nothing fancy, just a scrolling image that starts at a random point that’s passed to the material when created.

All of this is hard to show in images so I’ll make a short video in the weekend.

P.S. I know the station texture looks weird, I don’t have any proper ones done yet so it’s just one painted all over it. :stuck_out_tongue:


Aw man i love those texture! The minigun and the cube around it really fell good and look a bit like borderland! Are you using the Toon filter or does it come from the texture itself?

Anyway nicely done!

For the Power:
Download MSI Afterburner or comparable.
It’ll allow you to a) underclock your gpu and b) show’s a basic percentage of usage.

With that and the task manager you can already see if you have/will have a cpu or a gpu bottleneck and how much room you’ve got left

Looks awesome - regardless of performance I’d lower the detail on the 90 degree pipe bits, seems totally unnecessary and not worth it for a part so small. Also if it where me I’d delete the planes where the minigun attaches into a circle and just have them intersect a flat square. Maybe that will be more noticeable though.

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for sure, given the fidelity of the rest of the graphics, these look way to detailed to me. I would bake the the barrels down to a normal mapped single 6 sided cylinder, I would not worry about the ‘hole’ they fit into, and I would change the round pipe on the side, or even remove it all together… you would get your tri count down to around 50 tris.

Don’t get me wrong, I think it looks fantastic now =), but relatively speaking, it’s a lot of resources being devoted to a relatively small part of a much huger game, never loose sight of the big picture :wink:

edit: and it’s a tiny thing, but Coke have a trademark on the style of their logo, if you create a mega hit, they may get you on that… how flattering would that be though =P

:chimpanzee_facepalm: Of course, I forgot the damn thing existed. I actually have it installed and run my gpu underclocked for 100mhz at all times to reduce heating. Gonna have to disable the limiters though.

Those are all great ideas, I think a hex cylinder would be good enough even without the baked normal maps and I could make the barrel attachment point more like this. If it spins along with the barrels it should be quite unnoticeable. I’ll get right on it :smile:

It definitely would be although I doubt they give much trouble to parodies. Bethesda seems to have no problems with Nuka-Cola. Or you know, Rockstar with basicly every GTA company. I suppose it could be changed a bit more, just to be safe.

It’s the placeholder texture that sort of does that. That filter doesn’t quite fit the overall theme but I tried it once anyway and it also breaks some of my effects. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I reduced the tris count by about one third with all your suggestions, so thanks a lot :smile: If you ask me the hex tubes look even better than the old octagons since they fit more with the structural hex pieces.

Also made a better metal texture for the barrels and added some fake ssao to them.