(March 2016) Monthly WIP screenshot thread

Just a note: in space, there is no air, so fast-switching barrel of the minigun will not provide enough cooling
(not sure my english is understandable, it’s not my native tongue and i am very tired).
The result is very impressive though.
Also, i myself used the cola thing (with a XII-cola, xii being the all-mighty society in a cyberpunk world) so i hope that Coke will not be a problem.
(And i wonder: they can own a style ? It seems that even in real world there is a lot a thing-cola (like mecca-cola) using exactly this color and this font)
sorry for the bit offtopic post

Of course… if we are going for realism, in space if you are near one planet then the next nearest planet will be a tiny speck in the sky… and unless you are near the inner planets the sun of the system will be pretty small, too.

Think about how teeny tiny mars looks from us and that’s a pretty close planet.

Anyway, real space is boring… so people take license in games to make it more interesting.

And for the guns, maybe it’s not cooling but they have to fill with gas or plasma or something and that takes long enough that you spin them out of the way.

It looks cool and that’s all that matters. :slight_smile:


Just wanted to add, that the tris count is not that important anymore.
You would gain a lot by combining multiple gatling cannons into one mesh.
This mesh would have several bones - one bone for each weapon (all barrels of that weapon).
If you use one mesh per cannon, then 900 or 9000 tris should not make any difference.
The details are depending on the distance too - LoD (Level of Detail) is the answer to that.

The number of tris comments have been more about the look compared to the rest of the game. Too much detail looked out of place.

At the moment we are working at a farm building and the farm AI. So in the end we will have free placeable farm fields. For each field it is possible to choose the resource (at the moment grain and hops). Each field must be prepared by the farmer, then the plants will grow and finally the farmer will harvest. Implementation is almost done and it looks quiet nice.


Here’s something more from me:

Fancy rails!
Locomotive isn’t done yet, any ideas on how to make it follow a path when driving? (Cinematics?)


look here:
I have not tried motion path yet. After you add motion path to your Locomotive
please put a video of it here . i really like to see how it will drive.

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Thanks @Ali_RS,
I’ll try that out and definetely put a video here!

Screens made for press releases:


I got that video that I promised to make done. It showcases all the new features, from repair stations to miniguns in a sort of funny way. I don’t think it’s actually any fun but I tried, sigh.

Miniguns are at 2:55 and billboards at 3:43, other stuff is basically messing around with collision shapes and in general.

That looks nice, any plans to upgrade the textures though? Or if you want a pixelly look try changing the texture’s mag filter to nearest instead of billinear, maybe.

I’m sorry Dave but I’m afraid I can’t do that. All of the modules need to have separate damage overlays and need to be detachable at a moment’s notice. The mouse picking for building and weapon raycasting also rely on them being separate.
It would be the ideal solution otherwise, yes.


Any though to what music style you will ultimately use or is that what you have planned?

@MoffKalast Looking nice!
But what do you mean with “changing the mag filter”?

Pretty much what is in the other showcase I posted I guess. Something mystic/dark for ambience and some rock or whatever for battles.

I mean that the grass could look a little less blurry :smile:


lol “reasonably destructive”.
Great work, there is a nice ambiance around it.

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LOL, great stuff… :chimpanzee_closedlaugh:

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FTFY :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah, cool. That definitely fit better.

Well, if you already have music sourced then… as you were. :smile:

Looks amazing. (and you can steal space stations? :smile:)
But imo the metal (in your game’s world ships are made of metal right?) looks a bit too much like concrete. You could add an env map with some generic reflections to it.

Well I have a few tracks picked but nothing concrete really, you’re free to suggest anything if you wish :wink:

Talking about things that aren’t concrete, yeah that’s supposed to be metal. I should mention that the material hasn’t even got any spec maps yet so that’s the first order of business. I’ll look into env maps, but I don’t want it to take up too much performance.

If you need some help for the track just go ask on a orter video game programming site, you have tones of people who want to do video game music and will be more then happy to help you for free.

Like, you have so much of them that it get annoying, no jock. If you need i can find the adress back!