(March 2016) Monthly WIP screenshot thread

would a gun barrel not cool faster in the freezing vacuum of space? isn’t air a great insulator ? (I honestly don’t know and I have next to no internet atm so I cant google)

Well in space there isnt any medium for heat to spread through so all has to radiate away in the form of black-body radiation, following the Stefan-Boltzmann law.

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but where can I access the textures?
Because I’d have to do it for all of them.

I believe you can do that by attaching an AssetEventListener to the Asset Manager and then do it there for every texture loaded, but I never did try it out so I could be wrong.

cool story bro, that’s one to tell Kevin… so you’re saying it is less effective ? does the radiated heat warm up the air around it in any noticeable amount? Is space cold enough to counter the fact there is no medium ?

Moff’s Idea is explained here: http://wiki.jmonkeyengine.org/doku.php/jme3:advanced:anisotropic_filtering

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Sadly, I can’t find a way to access the texture there. :confused:
Seems like I’ll have to loop through all geometries in the scene and set that manually if I don’t find another way. Altough that might be so unperformant that I’ll throw it out right again.
Thanks for the tip though.

Ah well.

But doesn’t technically the game do that every frame and a whole bunch of other stuff too? You’d only have to do it once when loading anyway.

Yes, that’s why the soyuz has huge side radiators for example.

It’s sort of hard to call space “cold” in general since vacuum in itself doesn’t have a tempeature since its well… nothing. But if you’re in a shadow you’ll radiate away all your heat. About air warming up, let me put it this way: if it didn’t, your gpu and cpu in your pc would melt right meow.

Thank you so much, @MoffKalast!
It works! And I can’t see any loading time lengthening.
New screenshot:


Anytime :smile:

Mniguns are cool… they ain’t have no heat problem, bring me moaar.


First test of the texture painting (with triplanar mapping)


The first cloud for my flight simulator / visual system. It is only lit by the sun and sky without any scattering within the cloud (yet).


Nice textures on the ground, looks quite detailed.

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It looks like a satellite photo + satellite heightmap. You can see the actual houses if you look closely in the center.

Yes, it is a satellite photo. The terrain is a custom implementation of Ulrich’s “chunked LOD”, with 90 m SRTM elevation data.


I’m working in a strategy online game using modern units such as soldier, snipers, mortars and vehicles.

I posted some screenshots in another thread to show the maps. Now, the game is way more advanced:

Firstly, I learned Nifty GUI and created a simple menu and login screen.

Added a beautiful sky using SkyControl. Still need to tweak the light intensity because sometimes the grass looks “unnatural”.

Made a login server that already logs in users. I’m using SHA-256 encryption. It also saves the usernames and respective encrypted password in a file and load later.

Terrain is now randomly generated but I’m using a algorithm that I call “group algorithm”. Basically, it counts the number of groups of grass tiles. If there is more than one group, recreates a new map. Did some testing about performance, and, in average, my computer can create 80 boards per second. Maybe not the most efficient method, but for me, it works fast enough.

Now, I’m going to create a HUD and the functionality to place units.


But I have some questions ( :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:): Are you using a fog filter?
And where can I download SkyControl?

^The texture atlas, Fedora default Sans Serif 26pt

So I ran up against a problem with the TrueType Font loader I’m working on. The shader based anti-aliasing doesn’t look so hot on smaller fonts such as would be used in a UI. Currently my solution is to create a dynamically resized texture atlas containing all requested characters. Whenever a character is requested it is looked up in the atlas, if it’s not present the atlas is resized if need be and the character, or characters, are added to it. The atlas is currently using 16x anti-aliasing to produce nice smooth characters. The atlas is rendered to a FrameBuffer with 16 samples which is then copied to a Texture2D.

Of course you’ll also be able to request a scaleable truetype font geometry for rendering in a scene.

P.S. That warning in the console is thrown by the mesh generator. I’m using java.awt.Font to load the fonts and get the shape points. For some reason the PathIterator on the glyph Shape sometimes throws an ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException, but that exception does not hinder the mesh creation. Seems to be an issue in the PathIterator itself, not the array I’m passing into it.

Even stranger is that it will throw the exception on, for instance, the letter m, but only when the GlyphVector contains only the letter m, not when the GlyphVector contains multiple glyphs including the letter m.

I’ve also found that the PathIterator sometimes begins with a QuadTo command which the docs specifically state that a QuadTo should never come before a MoveTo or LineTo command. Nonetheless I was able to handle such situations.

^Sans Serif 12pt Italic

^GOODTIME.ttf 46pt

Not all fonts have every single character in them. TTF files contain a default character to use in place of characters that the font file does not contain. This situation is detected and taken care of so the texture atlas only loads the default character once rather than every time it comes up against a character not contained in the font file :slight_smile:


when you say font, do you actually mean typeface ? … it would be a shame to sour such awesome work with such a simple mistake =P