(March 2017) Monthly WIP screenshot thread

Let’s go for this again!

I’ll start with some simple screens from an Android game.



Unified the style of all dialogs:


Hey @aegroto, that looks interesting.
If I may ask, what is the game about?

Thought it was probably time I broke cover on something I have been working on for a while. It’s some kind of god game/puzzle.


It is a simple arcade game. In consists on running for as much time as possible,switching the form of you ball-character to adapt the terrain.

Here’s a pretty old 10-seconds gameplay (It seems to not be directly playable on all browser,in that case just watch it via its direct link) :

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Cool, @aegroto, it is look good.
Nice idea.

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Not totally related to jME3 but you guys should take a look at this.

JSweet is a transpiler from java to javascript. http://www.jsweet.org/
and compare to other competiors, it’s not ugly and useless :slight_smile:
Threejs is the js rendering engine for the browser and its have huge community and a editors also.
three.js / editor

After being a battle debate whenever java is doom in the browser recently in the forum. Yes, this is the light of the bright future. I did some prototype porting JME concept to javascript sometime ago, so I have some expriences with doing stuff back and forth with java, jme pipeline and browser. Now I really want to see if I can do it easily with combination of jsweet and threejs. May be a separate thread for this topic.


Anyone know where this sits compared to say Groovy?

Would it be possible to make a Three.js renderer for jme. like lwjgl or jogl ?

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A transpiler transforms code written with a language to the equivalent code in another language. Groovy is a language.

I’m back on YouTube after a 3-year hiatus. Here is a video demo of one of my projects, called “Bind Screen”, a reusable editor for hotkey bindings.


My first attempt at screen space reflections

Perhaps a little work to do yet.


But they look reflecty at least. :slight_smile:

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The relief when I saw something resembling a reflection :sweat_smile:

The cool thing with fixed camera angle stuff is that I don’t have any extra render passes, I calculate the reflection vectors and save to an image in Blender.


After months I finally have something to show again.
Unfortunately I suck at arts and the following model took me 3 days to complete, whereas a professional artist would do that in 3 hours but include more detail (e.g. no screws at the grip, no “grip” at the grip).

Bumsrohr would translate to something like bang / boom tube, so essentially you pull the trigger and then bada-boom, however I am keeping that as pseudo trademark





So you’re saying this is your boomstick?

Yeah this seems to be the correct translation actually, though this is no shotgun :stuck_out_tongue:

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The first part of the word “Bums-rohr” could have even a different more slippery meaning I fear :joy: At least here in Switzerland.

Not only there :smiley: But the game is designed to have it’s edges, it won’t be streamlined :smiley:
That’s why it also mocks the useless american warning decals (Caution: Emits deadly projectiles) :stuck_out_tongue:


slick dude, would you mind sharing a ss of the mesh, im all into trying to figure out how people make stuff look good right now

Sure. It’s generally pretty easy, I start with promitives and then extrude because that way you have minimal geometry (as opposed to sculpting and such).

Basically I started with a circle with 32 vertices, extruded them and I had a cylinder. Then i used alt + s to shrink/fatten, so I had the inner cylinder as well as the connected Front/back.

Then i used ctlr r to the ring cut tool. Then i could
move the edges. Technically i could remove the unused edges to save faces. That Ring cut is better than the manual cut because it is perfectly orthogonal.


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