Master server rest api with blockchain network?


For my game, I have a game client, a game server, and a master server. The game client and game server would be hosted on players’ computers (i.e there won’t be global game servers hosted on VPS).

The master server is a bunch of Rest APIs with some business logic and MongoDB as the database. This server is for authentication and to keep user profiles, public servers list, achievements, leaderboards,…

I have not worked with blockchain networks before, just curious to know if it is possible to implement the master server with blockchain? (for example for avoiding the server costs :slightly_smiling_face:)

Any pros and cons?

Thanks in advance!

Are you suggesting using a blockchain network instead of the master server?

(Since having a master server avoids any problems that might make you consider blockchain)

My understanding is that blockchain requires other peoples servers to do things, and one way or annother they’ll want paying for it. (Hence mining being an important part of all blockchains)

More generally, I dont think it would help. Whats generating the achievement? If it’s an authoratitive server just have it sign it normally. If its not and its just a client how does blockchain help? A hacked client can still issue whatever achievements it wants and a blockchain isn’t going to do anything to validate that the achievement was legitimately issued (just that it was issued at a particular time).

[I kind of hate lambdas, but AWS lambdas and a dynamodb might be a cheap (but not free) option. It’s a sensible solution if you need server-like behaviour, the server is rarely used, but needs to always be available. The reason I suggest those is because they are serverless so you only pay for usage, not uptime. Ideal for rarely used but always available]