Material, best way?

Hey, I am working on my “better” mc client.

However this with the texture is still bugging me, I been trying many ways now how to implement and use the textures.

The way I was using right now was texturearray with unshadedarray.j3md. This works fine and is very fast however it doesn’t seem to support lightning now when I try adding lightning to the game.

Now I wonder what I should do, should I have 1 material for every texture? (thought this was very slow and ineffective)

Should I try this textureatlas again? (Had a problem with bleeding, making every texture twice the size) (which again is memory inefficient, however never need to swap material)

I guess I can’t be the only one trying to figure it out. The guide never mention anything about how to make materials in a real game or does it even matter if you have one material or 1000?

Best regards Lanboost

Yeah you should use texture atlases, you can avoid the bleeding by making a “lawn” of the last pixel extending around each image. Afaik blender allows you to create that somehow.

but doesn’t that only work with mipmap nearest? else it will “bleed” over to the others because it is collected from more pixels then the border?

Well if your object is so far away that its only one pixel large it will ofc have all colors of the texture in one pixel. It doesn’t make sense to have that amount of detail at that distance anymore anyway though :wink: There should be a lawn size that works out in realistic circumstances.