Material Diffuse Texture

I don’t get, what is happening here … It costs me days and i don’t understand, what my real problem is. I am hacking around to get out how to handle the textures as i want it and so on.
I am applying my textures onto my figther and some fit easily and some do not and i don’t get, what the difference now really is…

As you can see i have several textures applied. i marked four of them to show what’s going on.
I use a Material File with Lighting Shader the same type for all four, just changing the texture, but somehow, ones fit well (green) and others are holy crap(red) and i don’t see the difference in the texture.
The lower left and the lower right are quite the same shape, quite the same texture, but that heavy difference output ? What is going on here ???

It looks like it’s being magnified. you can use ‘myTexture.setMagFilter()’ to “nearest” interpollation to alleviate it, or use a bigger texture to increase it’s overall quality.

how would i do that ?!?
i only use scene explorer and my material file

Solution ? I had a messed up object with mishacked UV-Textures, but i now know how to get that models from lightwave correctly, wohoooo