Math module as a lightweight, stand-alone module?

Hi all-

I’m new around here. I came across JME because I’m looking for a user-friendly library for 3D vector geometry in Java (our team has a range of “technical” ability, so a general-purpose linear algebra library probably isn’t right for our use case). It seems the JME math module is just such a thing. The other libraries I could find are either (a) linear algebra libraries with no convenience functions for geometry, (b) lacking in active development or user base, © using an unsuitable (for my company) license.

I’ve poked around on github and looked at the development roadmap, but I’m wondering if there has been any discussion about structuring the math module so that it can operate as a stand-alone module (and maybe even be offered that way). I looked at the dependencies in the math files and it seems there are just a few small connections to the rest of the library. While I can certainly copy the pieces I need into my project (Vector2/3/4f, Quaternion, Matrix3/4f) into our project, it would be nice to just use the math module without having to take on the maintenance burden of a copy or pulling in the entire engine.


Not really, no. You know about javax.vecmath, right?

Use javax.vecmath. It is standalone, without external references.

Ha… yeah javax.vecmath is exactly what we need.

Funny that none of the sites linked from the first page of Google search results for “java vector math library” contain any reference to it…