(May 2016) Monthly WIP screenshot thread

Yet another month with more interesting projects!

I must say that we’ve been a bit slow lately when it comes to Skylimit Tycoon, but we’ve been playing around with some “glass” and transparency problems when you have multiple glass objects behind each other.

Our current project isn’t that visible, since we’re rewriting all rendering steps to a bit more event driven system for rendering rooms, objects, etc. This is to be able to only have to update things that actually has been modified and not complete floors as we previously did.

Not related to JME, but I also had to fix the IRL lighting at home and started the Autodomum project which let you turn lamps on and off at your home via a simple webpage. You may script when your lamps should be on or off depending on different events (most are currently time based) via JavaScript. Everything is running on a Raspberry PI.


Nice work on that, those stairs look really professional.

Those must be some some high tech lamps, or does this work by replacing all switches in the house with some sort of IoT wifi-connected ones?

Sorry to post this again so soon, but I’ve refined the warp effects a bit and this is the final version for now. The reentry has been modified a bit so the ship is squeezed (by the curvature of spacetime :smile:) to fit through the closing bubble which becomes a ring of sorts and closes behind the ship.

Alternative link

Another thing I’ve been working on is a sort of “wander” mode for the npc ship AI. They choose a random object in the star system and fly to it, going to warp if it’s further than a certain distrance from them.

The thing is they travel at the almost slowest possible warp, so you can rendezvous with them (needs some skill) and fly beside them or shoot them out of warp Star Trek Into Darkness style. Projectiles are kind of buggy at these high speeds though, so I guess I’ll only let raycast based ones fire at warp for now.


I’m using a Telldus Stick Duo to send radio signals over 433.92MHz, connected via USB, controlled via command line. I have replaced some switches or rather added a little receiver “puck” behind the switch in the wall, so I can also switch manually. I also use plugin sockets, or what I should call them, that receive radio. It’s possible to buy lamps that receive radio as well, but I don’t think they had any LED alternatives yet. I currently can’t get the state if a lamp is on or off, but the Telldus Stick should work with Z-Wave as well to get duplex, but that is a bit more expensive.

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If we are already off topic…
I am working on model train cab controller powered by raspberry pi. So much work… :hushed:

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Model car here :slight_smile:

Because why buy one, when you can do it from scratch.


…nothing game content wise to show this time…i was busy with coffee packing machine…i have ditched out all PLC and control inverters used before, and redesigned whole thing on such way that no programming is needed as before, and now user just set up parameters of components inside desktop application and compile all that in to one file which is then saved on to SD card …just plug SD card in to board and machine is ready to go…it can create any kind of program for any other type of industrial machines…already tested on some delta bots …also, i just finished aluminium enclosure for electronics/control system so now i need to put whole thing together and test back in factory (cant run here in apartment…lol)…anyway, interesting experience…i hope you like it…

<img src="/uploads/default/original/2X/a/aada79b68720ae4b23726e2d2d41e36993635099.jpg"width="690"height=“388”>

<img src="/uploads/default/original/2X/5/5684bfe8a0277bc150d3877d75e0c20eb1be2dca.jpg" width="690"height=“388”>


Hey you can now “email” coffee! :smile:

Also nothing game programming related to show as I’ve been spring cleaning for like a month…

I did find some ancient relics in my basement:

Somewhere I still have my Amiga 1000, too… but I think the kickstarter disks might not work anymore. If I run across it, I will snap a pic, though.

These boxes weight a ton.

Edit: interesting that I noticed this only after I posted, but those Warp boxes are sitting on top of an old Pentium Pro in a giant server-style case. If that system were still bootable (It might be, I haven’t tried) then it dual boots OS/2 Warp and Windows NT 4.


And I thought I was a geek…

That thing looks huge! :chimpanzee_surprised:

yeah it does, what scale is it ?

The wheels are 135mm but I guess i should upgrade to 250mm soon (they look kinda tiny)
the frame has a lenght of 1m might be slightly shortend to fit a 1/5 scale plastic decoration body, suspension is 130mm

(I decided to go full american style, apparently I’m not a good german with engineering XD)
→ If in doubt if powerful enough use larger engine (current plan is 2kw with total capacity of 21Ah for bettery (lifepo as i will probably crash it into something sooner or later) to get a acceptable drive time)
→ If in doubt if solid enough add frame parts XD

WOW. That thing IS huge. Good luck with it.

It’s nearly as long as a vw bug has in it’s width :smiley:

Hey, here a link to a video in which you can see what I have done yet, in my fps game.


You totally nailed the handling of the gun, gz!

A small update of may click and point game mechanic. Can now pick up items, solve puzzles and switch floor with fade out/in :slight_smile:


Bindings to Khaled Mamou’s V-HACD.
It’s used to decompose concave meshes into multiple hull shapes for bullet.


Is this open? What license is V-HACD under?

Yes, both V-HACD and my bindings are under bsd license, i will release everything tomorrow.