(May 2023) Monthly WIP Screenshot Thread

Have been working on a larger scene for a game. The player is supposed to stage a surprise night attack on the castle.

Day time view:

First person perspective:

I plan to add trees and bushes to fill in all the empty space inside the grounds.


Check it out.
I am working on adding paths such as roads and rivers to my scene editor.


Another game project to add to my portfolio. a 3D Tetris like game. Currently testing rotations, movement and falling of piece while reflecting the data that represents the game internally.

Edit: If video does not play here, check on YouTube (it works for me there)


Nice idea @bloodwalker .
If I can suggest something regarding user feedback when playing?
When the current block moves down, show some sort of indicator on all four sides at what level the block currently is.
Something like a semi transparent flat cube with a green color, or just a plane or what ever you think could fit your game.


I decided to try and enter another game jam…LOL
Preggo Game Jam - ITCH.io
I used an AI to generate some concept art.

I was hesitant to upload the bikini armor image… But after checking what is acceptable for teen anime…LOL


for me big belly looked more crazy, instead of bikini armor :rofl:

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But it’s for a pregnant game jam…lol

I was thinking like a reverse metroidvania The further you go along the less abilities you have

ah ok. didnt noticed lol :joy:

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Do you have any suggestions? And which ones your favorite picture? We can just call them A, B, C, and D…lol

C i guess

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It does look like the one that would be the most fun… But if you take the monster from D and E, and the clothes from B… now we’re talking!

Yes I agree. I love the B option but and the creature of C at the back as the BOSS.

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@skidrunner , are you still developing games with jME?

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Yeah here and there… Not really games more like tiny test projects…
That I throw away shortly after development…lol

So here’s the full backstory… I was out morel mushroom hunting, and did some reading and found out that actually they spawn or “bud” when their tree starts to die, in order to continue to survive. I also read that one of the morel mushrooms favorite trees to grow under is the “ash tree”.

Then I saw the Prego Game Jam on itch.io.

As we all know the ash board beetle killed off most of the ash tree population. So I started thinking about other things that could kill the tree. And you playing as a “mother mushroom” trying to make it to the surface in order to bud and save your people from extinction.

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Love the idea. You say you thinking of making it a metroidvania but in reverse? Maybe a top down view?

I have been working on my path tool for the last couple of days and also modifying the LightBlow shader material I am using to handle translation of 4 texture layers. I finally got something I am kind of happy with. There is still a million things that can be done but this is flexable enough for now.
Here is a scene with some post processing and then the river was created with the path tool.


No I was meaning more like in a metroidvania you start off losing all your powers, then slowly gaining them back throughout the game.

I was thinking you start off with maybe a mentor who teaches you all these skills. Then as you slowly become more and more “pregnant”. Things you used to do easily are now hard or impossible. Then maybe a mechanic of having to collect food items more frequently is enabled.

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Love it!!!

I love this Nice work!!!

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