Maya OgreXML export and textures


i have a problem getting a model to work properly in jme3.

first, i built a mesh with a material and a texture on it, that i export with the ogremax plugin.

i checked the “create xml” box and its imported in jme3 without problems.

the only thing thats missing, is the texture. the color works.

how do i get the texture to work?

does it have to be exported seperately?

Is the texture in the same path as the model?

well, there is no texture file at all.

the ogreexport only generates the files:





i thought that it would somehow be included in the above files, but i guess not.

i dont know how to get that texture out of maya, so that it would work with jme.

how do you create and import models?

maybe i have to build the mesh in maya, import it in blender and texture it there.

hopefully i can get the texture out of blender then :slight_smile:

i´d prefer a maya only method though

You have to put the texture in the same folder. If you generated it in maya you have to export it

well thats the problem, as jme3 only eats the ogrexml stuff.

the ogreexporter does not export textures at all :frowning:

any tips?

You have to save the texture from maya. This has nothing to do with ogre or jme

Just save the texture you generated. Look in the maya manual if you don’t know how to do that

If its not possible then try looking for “texture baking” instead

I think it DOES support export texture , Don’t remember exactly but take a look at its setting somewhere It says “Export with texture” ← Search for it !