MD5Importer: no animation blending?

Hey fellas,

I've been using MD5Importer, and am a bit perplexed that there's no support in the API for animation blending, but there is support for fading between two animations.  It seems like both of these features require code for weighting the influence one keyframe vs. the other, and so if fading was supported I'd expect to be able to just permanently blend between two separate animations if I felt so inclined.

As an example of what I'd like to do here: I'd like to be able to play look up and look down animations at the same time, blending to get a correct lookat direction for players depending on where they're looking.

I've been told that there's no animation blending support in MD5Importer for some time now, but is that incorrect?  (hope!)  Otherwise I'm stuck splitting my models into two separate chunks just so I can rotate the top half around (which would look worse, anyway).


Is there really no answer to this?  I was hoping for at least a yes or a no as to whether this functionality exists inside MD5Importer.  I'm not against looking into it if it's not implemented anywhere, but I'd be pretty surprised that it's not already done.  It seems like a fairly implementable thing, given that fading between two animations is already done.  Is there some difficulty in doing this that I'm not aware of?

i searched the forum a bit and found this:

....and yes, the animator does support blending. theres an interface called IBlendController .....

Thanks for the reply, Core-Dump.  I looked at BlendController earlier, and it seems to be more for fading from one animation to another over a duration of time.  The only function to "blend" in blend controller is

public void blend(IMD5Anim anim, IMD5AnimController animController, float duration)

and that just seems to set up the animation to blend to from a previous arbitrary mesh/bone position.  Upon closer inspection of the impl, it makes sense that this is a simpler task than blending two animations together while both play back :P.  D'oh well.