[Merged] Enhancement: Support SceneProcessors in EnvironmentCamera

The EnvironmentCamera class is an invaluable tool for rendering environment maps and baking light probes. One thing that’s awkward about using it, however, is that many advanced effects (especially atmospherics, like Rayleigh-Mie scattering and clouds) rely on screenspace effects that are implemented as filters or scene processors, while EnvironmentCamera renders Spatial scenes through a set of internal viewports. It would be tremendously useful for realtime PBR baking if EnvironmentCamera supported screenspace effects.

I see two ways to support this cleanly:

  1. Expose EnvironmentCamera's viewports directly via a ViewPort[] getViewports() method. The upside to this method is that the end user can do whatever they need to do with the viewports. The downside is that access like this has a lot of ways to mess up the internal ViewPort state.

  2. Add get/setProcessor() methods to EnvironmentCamera and manage adding and removing them to the viewports. The upside to this is that the viewports are never externally exposed and therefore cannot be altered. The downside is that this approach is more limited, and it’s conceivable that some SceneProcessor implementations may not support use on multiple viewports at once, so this may not allow use of all scene processors in EnvironmentCamera.

I personally favor approach #1 as EnvironmentCamera is a specialized utility class and needs some effort to use correctly, so I don’t see exposing the internal state as a major downside. To cause an issue, users would have to be directly modifying ViewPort state and at that point users probably either (a) know what they’re doing, or (b) at least have an idea of how they got themselves into trouble and some possible ways out.

Edit: This approach is also the more powerful of the two by far - if something can be done in a ViewPort it can also be part of an evironment snapshot. Approach #2 is substantially more limited as it only gives a method for attaching scene processors, nothing else.



I’ve added a getViewPorts() method to the EnvironmentCamera and pushed to a new branch on GitHub. The issue tracking this is Expose ViewPorts to EnvironmentCamera Users · Issue #1307 · jMonkeyEngine/jmonkeyengine · GitHub.

Any objections/suggestions?


It’s been nearly a week and I haven’t received any negative feedback or suggestions for alteration, so I’m going to merge this into master tonight if there are no objections.


Go for it!

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Took me longer to get to this than I anticipated (life of a parent!) but it’s merged!