Merging objects

Hi guys.

i am new to jme. Looks great. I have now generated 2 TerrainPages and try to merge them. The problem is, that these two "tiles" have diffrent shapes but it may be possible to connect them. There is space between them, but they have diffrent textures. Is it possible to connect 2 of these meshes? and maybe more? Is there maybe a simple function for these issues?

Have you checked TerrainBlock (which creates several pages and manages them in a Quad-Tree structure… Also, you might want to have a look at Project Terra done by Llama (


and thanks for the link. Unfortunately (I think) this project isn’t what I am looking for.

What I have now is two TerrainPages

What I would like to have is a kind of link between them. This would look like :

Is this possible? I had a closer look on the Terrainblock but I was not able to find, where I could arange diffrent blocks, so that there edges fit together. Unfortunately it is not possible just to create one big Terrain because each block has its own look. Or is it possible?

Thanks in advance…

Look at the LLama Terra. You will need an additional splat layer to blend in the texture where the maps ( pages ) meet

You can't do this correctly without having ugly seams between the blocks/pages.

You have 3 options:

  1. Texture Splatting
  2. Megatexture
  3. Shader voodoo

    I suggest you go for #1, as it is already possible to do in jME (see Texture splatting revised)

    In addition, you will need to somehow edit the alphamaps, some online tools can do it, like EarthSculptor. Some of the other tools under jME resources wiki page can do it as well.

thanks… splattings seems to be a good idea.