MeshMolder: Free 3D Sculpting App

it’s only on windows for now.


B…but… blender do exist?

I was thinking this, since blender is pretty much the best software there is, however there is always room for other task specific tools. Blender can auto retopo models but external tools to a way better job IMHO. Same goes for texture painting. And video editing.

PBR texture painting in blender is almost a no go unless you don’t mind creating a huge mess of nodes. Sadly there is no changes in sight, not even in blender 2.8.

surely it’s no more nodes than a PBR shader would need anyway ? Texture painting does not care what type of texture it is drawing to. It’s just a matter of changing the active image texture.

If you’re painting every texture separately, then sure. But if you want something like fill layers in Substance Painter, which are basically layers for all the maps at once, it becomes a mess really fast.