Microsoft to acquire

Trying to decide how I feel about this. The closest analogy I can come up with is that uncle who molested you as a child who is now working as an adminstrator of your child’s daycare. So while he seems to have changed a lot and won’t be directly involved in the care of your children… still a little disheartening.


Well said.

Time for creative alternatives to spring forth.

Edit: Whats next? m$, amazon, google or fakebook buying Java from Oracle?

Oh boy, I’m already looking forward to the second wave of every single code link on the bloody forums being broken. :grimacing:

Can you not.

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At least we still have default folders, right!


BREAKING NEWS: Microsoft buys folders for 13.2 billion

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I wonder if google is regretting dropping google code now. :slight_smile:


We might see a “new” Google Code 2.0 (because hopefully by now everybody’s rotted their brains out watching cat videos on Google-owned YouTube and has thus forgotten that Google ever did code hosting). By now though they’d be trying to get back into a market they already lost years back. Not a very good situation to be in.

Ha well I for one wouldn’t know they did if there weren’t like a few hundred threads on this forum with final solutions pointing to useless broken google code links.


Well… I don’t know about you guys, but I’m deleting my account on GitHub.

No big deal, I don’t have much code there. I just don’t want to have any connections with Microsoft stuff. I did the same to my Skype account a few years back.


From reading it sounds like they were in need of some serious guidance on their future. Microsoft are very corporate about their products and I like that. I am biased toward Microsoft over Google for lots of reasons but at the very least GitHub will continue to exist, hopefully with a better outlook.

The idea to switch to GitLab Bitbucket start to grow bit by bit.
but seriously what Microsoft’s effect on GitHub probably changing UI and removing some futures and add them to paid plans… meh i’m afraid of Bing Ads… who knows only the time will tell.
I guess that the best strategy is to stick with GitHub for a while if anything goes wrong we switch to git-lab…

The Microsoft of today is not the Microsoft of my early career. My butt is still sore from all of that and they didn’t even give reach-arounds. They have been much friendlier to the open source community, etc… I’m not going to delete my account or anything and Github is still the best thing running at the moment. (I’m not running back to SourceForge any time soon…)

MS has even been friendly to the Linux community, etc… it’s possible we won’t see much if any change at all.

re: Google… I still like Google. The only thing they’ve ever done to me personally is stop giving me stuff for free that they’d been giving me free long enough that I got used to it. It’s hard to stay mad about that. I don’t usually understand the butthurt over Google.

MS for decades were active and outgoing total dicks to a large swath of people… myself being one of them. Back to my original analogy, I’m not pulling my kids out of the daycare yet but I’m going to keep a close eye out.

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Well IMO it’s the “big corporation” effect. People don’t like the idea of a world company owning many information about them. Information they gave themselves willingly at first when the company was the “outsider”, and choosing Google was still the hype thing to do.

I’m going to do the same. I had about thirty projects on Github (mostly forks or projects deleted by someone else that I had to reupload), I was reluctant to use it from the very beginning, I never posted a brand new project on it. I have to send my few changes on JOGL to the other contributors. Then, I’ll be ready to delete my account :slight_smile:

I think that Microsoft hasn’t changed a lot, its relationship with the free software community is mostly opportunist, it still has the same position about software patent, it’s not involved in Vulkan, some Windows 10 software updates seem to disable hardware acceleration in WebGL on Intel GPUs, it still refuses to join the WHATWG because of the lack of a patent policy to ensure all specifications can be implemented on a royalty-free basis.

I find it a bit debatable to leave Github to embrace a similar competitor, a for profit organization providing a “free of charge” service partially or totally based on proprietary software (for example Bitbucket).

I don’t trust the GAFAM and I advise you to choose carefully the organizations that manage the services you use on the Internet. If you’re too lazy to host your code on your own server, why not having a look at Framagit (based on Gitlab)? Otherwise, I’ll update my main tutorial about self hosting :wink:

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I don’t know how to feel about this actually. :confused:

If you didn’t know, I’m new to jME3, and I’m even newer to GitHub, and this popping up in my screen never shook me. I don’t really understand what the consequences are to this, can someone help me?

(and please, list both pros and cons, i like to order things like that in my brain :slight_smile:)

Gitlab is riding the wave