MilkshapeASCIIModel vs. GeomTriMesh

Jani, are you around for some advice? I’m using ODE within a small jME app, and Milkshape models (even rigid ones) can be imported as an array of jME TriMeshes, but ODE only seems to handle single-part meshes.

There are two approaches I can think of - creating a series of Geoms, one for each TriMesh defined by jME, and then using rigid joints to glue them together. Alternately, I could combine the jME meshes into a single mesh… that sounds less likely to cause problems. That seems better to me.

Oh, nevermind. Somehow I missed Body.addGeom(Geom).

"Fuseboy" wrote:
Oh, nevermind. Somehow I missed Body.addGeom(Geom).

Ok, hope you got what you wanted. I'm most often "available" through physics forum, but I constantly check jME forums also. I've only been away from Open Source projects for some weeks..