Mini game ideas

I’m working towards a project that I’m currently thinking might have some mini games in it for different things, and would like to hear the opinions of the community on three questions.

  1. What do you think of mini games as a concept?

  2. What are some mini games you have liked or didn’t like?

  3. What is something that you think would make a fun mini game?


Flappy Bird ?
simple control, easy to start hard to level up

I look at Warioware games for example. The minigames collection can be an inspiration that you can make anything into a mini game and have fun.

I think it is a great I idea. I have also attemted this long ago for android, however I never got to release the game. What I have used as inspiration was the service
There a few games in that library which can be used as mini games.
If I think of mini games I think of games such as:

  • Ping Pong but with a twist
  • Tanks like game
  • Catch the falling objects
  • Card matching
  • etc.

It actually all depends if you want to make it P v P or single player.

Games with around 2 hours of content I generally categorise as minigames :grinning: