Minie PhysicsRigidBody gravity not saved

Hi there @sgold ,
I hope you can assist me in the correct direction or maybe fix the issue.

I am making use of Minie in my Scene Editor and I am saving the RigidBodyControl when I set physics on a spatial, however it does not seem like the gravity is saved nor is it cloned.

Can you please see what I am doing wrong?
I am also making use of the property “ProtectGravity”.


It’s a bug in Minie. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

Before the “ProtectGravity” property was added, there was little reason to read/write/clone the gravity vector of a RigidBodyControl. When I added the property, I should’ve implemented reading, writing, and cloning of the gravity vector.

I’ll include a fix the next release of Minie.


That is not a problem.
Thanks for being willing to fix the problem.