Minie v6.1 physics library

A new version of the Minie physics library was released today.

Version 6.1.0 adds dynamic collision-shape splitting and pair tests. It also fixes a bug (introduced in v5.0.1) that broke serialization and cloning of models that include a DynamicAnimControl.

Collision-shape splitting enables you to split a collision object into pieces by means of an arbitrary plane. The teaser video in the September Screenshot Thread illustrated splitting on convex hull shapes. Much of September was spent studying edge cases and working out how to split (most of) the other 15 collision shapes that Minie supports. It’s a sweet effect, and it brings us a step closer to implementing Voronoi Fracturing. Its main limitation is that I don’t yet have code to split JME meshes—for visualization I rely on Minie’s debug visualization, not models with physics controls.

Pair test enables you to test whether 2 collision objects would intersect if added to a physics space. This feature is being used to test whether compound shapes are connected or not. Perhaps we will find other uses for it.


Just released:

Version 6.2.0 adds a couple features, including a PhysicsSpace parameter to disable CCD for dynamic-vs-dynamic collisions.