Model loading, texture states, and indeterminancy

For my card game, I have a bunch of poker chips.  Ideally, these poker chips would share one geometry and one texture state (just like my cards).  Chips would be skinned in different denominations by modifying their texture coordinates to the appropriate patch of the texture.

However, a poker chip is considerably more complex to procedurally generate than my simple box-like cards.  So, we'll go with a model.  Our graphics guy has a model he's done in Maya, textured, and ready to go.  The problem is, that when I load the model, I have no knowledge of which buffer indices in the geometry correspond to which verts.  The result is that I cannot modify the tex coords appropriately.  The built-in Cylinder class doesn't work for me either, since the texture coordinates assume a single cylinder-mapped texture.

Any ideas?

If you did the texture as a strip of multiple skins, you could have him map it to the first item on the skin and then use the Texture's translation field to shift the tex matrix to other sections of your strip without actually changing the uv coords.

Hey, that sounds pretty good.

Is there some way to do that and still share a single reference to the Texture object?

You won't be able to use the same Texture object across objects with different transforms (so, just chips of same denomination), but if you are using texture manager, it should share the same texture id / memory space across multiple uses of the texture.