Model offset relative to physics control


I’m using a PQTorus shape as the geometry for a wheel which is controlled by a RigidBodyControl with a CylinderCollisionShape. It looks good, it rolls well, only problem is that the PQTorus is slightly offset relative to the location of the physics control. This is confirmed using the .enableDebug(assetManager); to see collision shapes. I’ve tried using setLocalTranslation on the geometry to shift it but it seems to get swamped by the physics control…

Is there any way to adjust the position of a spatial relative to the physics controller?



is it as simple as setLocalTranslation() to move the torus around ?

that’s what i thought, but when I add the physics control, i don’t see my geometry translated, it just goes right to the centre of the physics control…

what about:

  • add the Torus to a node;
  • setLocalTranslation on the Torus;
  • attach the controller to the node.