Mojang opened some of Minecraft java edition source code

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I saw that on reddit and you beat me to posting it :grin:

Would this make modding on Minecraft easier? Also, what advantages can we exactly take from this?

lol video:

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Good PR for microsoft, but the libraries seem to be very specific to minecraft’s design so i’m not sure how useful they might be for most people.

Yeah, first one “good for PR”… it’s not like writing a command dispatcher is difficult.

Second one: “useful for modders” I guess.

And don’t forget the “free” work. There are already a good amount of pull requests on those repos from other people.

Sure, people from Mojang still need to look at the pull-requests and most things are small but I’m pretty sure that that cost is still lower than having someone from Mojang write that code him or herself instead.

Also, when people submit code like that I’m willing to bet its for something the community or at the very least the technical side of the community wants. Which means Mojang doesn’t have to make (educated) guesses for that or gather feedback.