Monkey Mahjongg - demo / tutorial

For main game logic/hints I suggest looking at simple, open source java Mahjongg implementations, so you only need to take care of the    jME spefecic stuff. Also, you need something to make sure your random generated level is solvable.

One suggestion for the tutorial is there anyway to break up functionality into step by step demos. Because all code developed ends up going through multiple iterations of changes, it might be really useful to a beginner to see what a first "stab" looks like followed by a revision.

You could use the SVN history to pull from. Although it is probably more efficient to get a completely working game that you can write up a tutorial for describing a finished design.

It's better to fisnish the game, so its working with all intended features, and then we'll work it over. For the tutorial, we'll split it up in the relevant parts that willbe described in detail. I will try to finish my game model proposal and maybe we can use that afterwards.

After I got the thing it running again, I decided to make a first release:

Nothing fancy so far, and Vardamirs code is not yet used, however it’s playable, and it makes fun (well, at least the first 5 minutes)

No bash script ftw?

EDIT: After asking for help to my brilliant self to get this working under linux (what a shame, "currently only works under windows", you should know 20 million people use linux – I use 5 distro's at the same pc!), all I saw was a box with missing textures.

That's strange, the textures are in the monkeymahjongg.jar (com.jmetest.images).

I'd be more then happy to replace the current zip with a Linux enabled one, but I have no Linux available, so I'd really appreciate if you could help me with this. (and maybe someone could help with Mac, too)

Of course, I tried to make the zip as small as possible, so you probably need the svn sources to see what's going on. Note that the jme jars are not the newest ones.

linux worked well for me by adding the lib… .so's corresponding to the .dll's from current cvs version and swapping the liblwjgl.jar to the one from cvs.

edit: and start via command line like java -Djava.library.path=./lib/native -jar monkeymahjongg.jar

And whoa  8)  i'm a Hero member now    really don't know if my skills fit that.

Linux scripts are very easy, you just need to copy the native lib's to lib/native and here's the script:

java -Djava.library.path=./lib/native -jar monkeymahjongg.jar

chmod it a+x (requires linux, and a tar archive -- zip doesn't keep the permissions). You really should start using linux. If you can work with a batch files & windows command line (i guess you can, because of the bat file), linux is as easy as windows (even without command line skills). Try openSuSE for example : free, easy to use, comes with all stuff you need. If openSuSE shouldn't work, I suggest (k)ubuntu. If you don't wanna install anything, and just wanna try it, use a live cd, like knoppix. All of these are of course free (as in beer and as in speech)

Yeah, I know this, and I worked with Linux before, but currently I have just my laptop from work. I'm working right now in the states, and my private PC is in Germany

Never leave home without Knoppix ;). It must be a terrible experience to only have Windows, while you know what you can do with Linux.

Hi,all. I'm a newbie in here, and when I checked out the soucecode of "Monkey Mahjongg" from the svn, it told me that it could not build.

at last, I found the class "" was missing

Can Landei or anyone else check the sourcecode,or tell me why.

thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Sorry for that, I forgot to add that class.  :roll:

It should work now…

Thanks Landei, but something still missing

it's the class BoxRemapper, it's not in the trunk, but I find it in the thread :

after I add the class, the Mahjongg works. it's really a good demo, thanks a lot!

Maybe I'm retarded but can I actually get the source for this demo yet or is it only a playable demo?  If it's out there, how do I get it?

You need subversion.

Aha!  duh!  Thanks Landei.

At the moment, I can't spent too much time on MonkeyMahjongg. :roll:

What do you think about the idea to put it in the "official" jmetest, so it's easier for others to contribute?

Or do you think some things must be done first? The package names are OK, etc?

BTW, I realized that I picked the wrong license on google code, but this shouldn't be an issue. I'll change it before it goes to jmetest.

I don't think adding it to the official jmetest would make it easier for others to contribute, in fact keeping it on Google code would as it has independent repository access.

I just think it's existence needs to be better published by perhaps adding a link from the main site and putting up a page in the wiki.

Hello everybody,

With the start of school i've been away for a month, I hope you didn't need me that time to write the tut? Else i'll start immediately!

  • SeySayux

I am in the process of checking out the SVN. Thanks for working on this and I really hope you will finish the tutorial as well… It is exactly what I have been looking for on this site for 2 weeks already… Hm… This mahjong is not that easy to find I guess :slight_smile: