Monklypse + ShadowedRenderPass. No Shadows

I tried to run a ShadowedRenderPass in a Eclipse View with Monklipse and no shadows are rendered. I used TestShadowPass and AppletTestShadow for reference. If i render the shadow volumes, are rendered correctly. Any idea?

make sure stencil bits are > 1

Thanks Core-Dump!!  By default the JMEComposite of Monklypse don't send the value of Stencil in the Properties. In additon in com.jmex.swt.lwjgl.LWJGLSWTCanvasConstructor has a little copy paste bug and not load the stencil buffer.

Integer stencilBits = (Integer) props


            if (alphaBits != null) {    <

The error is stencilBis not alphaBits
                data.stencilSize = stencilBits;
            } else {
                data.stencilSize = DisplaySystem.getDisplaySystem()

If it's true that's is a bug how i commit the changes? or is a task for a developer?

you can post a patc of the bugfix in the contribution depot forum, if no one disagrees, a contributor or developer can commit the fix