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I added this Accept-Encoding header to the allowed ones and now it should be fixed
… probably…
i can’t reproduce the issue :confused:

Yep, loads now :slight_smile:

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That’s pretty cool. Nice work

Thanks :smile:

This problem was caused by the function that fades between the images of the same post, it was operating on all images without caring if they were fully loaded or not and apparently this can cause some corruption of the hidden images if they are not fully loaded… I added a control and it should be fixed now. Weird that i didn’t noticed it during the development…

pretty awesome . thanks .

Cool, this gives a very nice up to date overview.

is it possible to add some kind of post tag to mark them as non relevant?
looking at the joker image :stuck_out_tongue:
I guess our comunity would be nice enough to add those tags by themselves, and lead to a cleaner gallery.

That spinning banana is very erotic. Is that on purpose?


Would be nice if there were a button/switch “show silly pictures too” which would then blend in or out the Joker and Space Balls pictures. :chimpanzee_smile:

Yeah, I think generally the silly pictures are quite obvious (usually meme-style) and don’t detract from the experience. In fact, in this case, I think they kind of add some ‘punch’. :slight_smile:

You can mark your images as excluded by adding #excluded in the url

There is no way, at the moment, for exclude images posted by other people without editing their post, though.

Ah then I misunderstood what you meant with the excluded in the former post.

When I do this to the image in February from me, however the image is no longer shown in the forum itself. (only the link, no preview)

Ok, the problem is that, if you don’t specify that a link is an image with the < img /> tag, discourse try to figure it out by looking at the extension that in this case is .png#excluded so not a valid one…
There are two way to workaround that:

  1. Use img tag
    eg. <img src="" />
  2. add ,extension at the end of the excluded link

Neither one is intuitive, so maybe it’s better if i add a way to exclude the entire post by specifying #excluded on the bottom

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One way might be to sort by number of likes. Meme posts won’t get a lot of likes, whereas sick / awesome games will get a ton.

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In the original design, posts were sorted by likes indeed.
But @erlend_sh was worried that this would lead to some unmotivated competition, so i switched to a random scrambling, but if the majority thinks that a bit of competition is good, i can switch back to the sorted version.

Hmm, nevermind… Meme posts have likes too :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You will need to develop a meme detection algorithm, or hire a monkey to delete meme images from the gallery.

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or hire a monkey to delete meme images from the gallery.

Something something reddit moderators… :smiley:

Am I the only one who thinks the memes are fine in the gallery? There were only two of them after all and the message kind of fit the surroundings in various ways… after all, they were a valid part of the thread.

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One question though, how come everyone’s pictures are tagged correctly yet all mine have the author set as “Name”?

This calls for another meme :wink:

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According to your profile, your full name is Name… :laughing:

The gallery picks as first choice the name and if not present the username.

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Oh. Never noticed that :sweat_smile: brb.

Edit: Much better now, thanks.