Monthly WIP Category?

Hey. Just a weird request. Any chance of adding a new category to the forum here specifically for the Monthly WIPs?

I know for myself if I’m gone for a little bit I like to jump onto the Monthly WIP threads to see what’s the new hotness.

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There was a thread like this sometime ago, people were proposing to make a gallery-like site, i picked up the project and made this:

(github GitHub - riccardobl/JME-Monthly-gallery)

I’ve never finished it though, it needs a serverside component to reduce the image size to improve loading time (for mobile expecially).


Just jumped to that URL… That spinning banana… It’s… perfect. lol

If you do go back to working on it could you add maybe a way to flip between images? Like using the arrow keys or something? The image scaling is a nice feature but kind of a nice to have I’d think.

I could be wrong though.

Yeah, why not. Contributions are welcome btw :frog:

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I think a special category is not a bad idea at this point. We’ve been doing these long enough that it would be nice to have them all grouped into one.

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How would I contribute? Is this code in a git repo?

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Great! I might take a quick peak at this in the coming days. My internet is a bit limited. But I’ll see what I can do.

If there is a new category, could someone go back and put every wip thread in it? I think we started sometime in 2014

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Just went back to my profile. Holy cow, it’s coming up on four years ago

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yep…seen that some time ago, I was like “we must have started that since around 6 months”… BAM 4 years…

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I made the category… trying to find a way to bulk move the threads in it… there are fifty of them and it’s gonna take forever one by one


ok done