More Triangles in Auto-Generated ConvexHull CollisionShapes

I’m driving around a robot with 4 rigid-body wheels. I originally used CylinderCollisionShapes for these because they roll really well, but I find that they easily get stuck on uneven terrain (because of the discontinuous edge I imagine). To combat this problem I used a PQTorus geometry (donut shape), and the RigidBodyControl constructor to auto generate a Convex Hull Collision Shape. This greatly improves handling on rough terrain. However, the toroidal wheels don’t roll very evenly on flat terrain, I wonder whether it is possible to increase the number of triangles in the auto generated mesh? I feel like that might help it roll better…


Not really but why don’t you go with the cylinder, its basically the same shape as the “hole” in the donut will not be represented in the hull shape anyway?

You’re right, the hole is not represented, but I’m not really interested in the hole, its the fact that the cylinder has discontinuous edges. Obviously the slope of the cylinder’s surface is undefined along the edge. This means that when the cylinder is not vertical, it is easy for ‘none’ of the wheel to be touching the ground, and then the robot gets stuck (no tyre surface on ground, no traction -see figure). So there’s no easy way to make the hull shape a bit more detailed?