MorphTrack use shadow error

I import a gltf model with MorphTrack anims
and use shadow
then throw this error


Are you running it on Android?
Does it happen on the PC also?
Does it happen only with animated models?

Can you please provide a test case, so we can take a look?


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To me it almost looks like shadows dont work with morph targets in general?
Does not seem like a super rare use case, but i have never used it to i cannot say it works.
If you already got the engine forked, could you try changing

           Morph_Compute(modelSpacePos, modelSpaceNorm);



in jme3-core Common/MatDefs/Shadow/PreShadow.vert ? Or alternatively add the inNormal attrib and read it in like vec3 modelSpaceNorm = inNormal; right before the ifdef (or inside it but before the call using the modelSpaceNorm)

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