MotionBlurr selective object

Hello there !

I’m trying to understand how to achieved some selective MotionBlur effect around only a few objects on the screen.

For example, rendering a scene with 2 cubes, one blue and the other one green.
I aim to have only the green one in MotionBlur while moving the cam. (must work with textured cube too :p)

I know some work have been done around MotionBlur filter, but I do not think it cover this kind of request.

First of all, is it doable in JME ?

It is doable, but it’s complicated.
Most implementation you’ll find on the forum are just camera motion blur.
Modern motion blur technique render a velocity buffer which represent the velocity of each pixel from the last frame.
But to do this you need an additional geometry pass (at least in JME) and you need to store all geometries’ world matrix from previous frame.
Now to have a selective motion blur…I guess you could only store the world matrix of the geometries you want to blur, and also only render the velocity buffer for them.
There is a lot of literature on the subject, not that much good examples though…