Mov player(no install)

does any body know of any .mov players that doesn't requirre full install …or none at all" I have movie file at my office that I won't be able to take home for some time but really need to take a look at. don't have admin privs here so quicktime won't work.

VLC should be able to play mov files:

I do not know, whether its install will work for you, though.

d/loading now didn’t see any mention of .mov though but still doesn’t hurt to try

and for the animation inclined heres there’s a video tut for doing female walkcycles here might be use ful to someone else.

edit: corrected clumsy errors


Installation is just extracting a zip file. If you download the native codecs too, it'll play every file format there is.

thanks llama vlc worked nicely, I'll check that out too,VCL is good smooth on the old thing I work on but degrades the visual quality of the desktop and other apps while running though but nothing to worry about…I hope!!!

and mov is worth the download especially for those one man teams like me, seems to be geared towards game characters and you indirectly get some male ani stuff aswell.

thanks all

Eh? I have no such problems with VLC here. You can try a different output driver maybe…

VLC is great, it just doesn't play all types of .mov. I guess you were lucky :slight_smile:

as I said its old and never had a video…or other driver update in its life!!! :-o :-o I would imagine, I've worked a long time and even security updates have little or no priority with these guys :// :-o ://

well I settled on mplayer it seems more stable on this machine no degradation and other progs run fine woth it open I'll still hold on to vlc take it home see what happens there.