Move BetterCharacterControl standing on moving RigidBody

I am sure that someone somewhere has asked this before, but I was unable to find anything on it.
I have a BetterCharacterControl standing on top of a RigidBody that may (or may not) move. And when it moves I would like it to take the player standing on top of it with it. Is there an ‘easy’ way to do this? Or should I just run a quadrillion checks on all of my players to see if the RigidBody under them is moving…


Most games solve this by linking the movable object and the player and making a separate physics space for the vehicle and everything on board.

Hey normen! Normally that is what I would do as well, but my issue is that the players are on a tile based map, and any tile could move with or without players on it. I guess I could rebind them every time they move to a different tile…

EDIT: I should elaborate, there are hundreds of tiles of varying size.

if( feet on tile ) move with tile

Thank you, I understand the logic behind it. I was more or less looking for way built into the physics space.

Yeah, unfortunately there is no magic here. That kind of friction can be difficult to simulate reasonably.