Moving out of Las Vegas

Well your coming far north, almost to the frozen North of BC. Over to your left you will find a pile of snow, And off into the distance to your right side, is another pile of snow.

Ok i’m kidding. But if you make it to Seattle we’ll be neighbors(City terms)

welcome, i’m your friendly neighbor from the lower rainland. I shall now go retire to my igloo. :smiley:

We are definately looking forward to visiting Vancouver now and then. My Canadian friend! :slight_smile:

I used to take multi-week vacations in Seattle.

Rumors of the rain are highly exaggerated (at least in my experience :slight_smile: )

You laugh, but it was still snowing in Calgary up to a couple of weeks ago!

Hey, that means you also have to come visit Toronto! It’s a great city; there’s certainly no shortage of interesting stuff to do. Excellent indie music scene, if you’re in to that. Just do yourself a favour and stay away from the suburbs. There is absolutely nothing to do here. Nothing whatsoever. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey, I lived 32 years in Alaska.

Snow in mid-May is standard weather for me :slight_smile:

Snow in July is quite a bit more rare, but I’ve seen it happen :slight_smile:

May – the month of ending snowstorms and starting t-shirt weather :slight_smile:


well, i pretty much lived in sub-saharan countries all my life!, so HA HA! :P, except it isn’t nice in the summer where the shade temperature is 50 Celcius! :?

Well, the most famous rock band of my home town call themselves "The rain city rollers". Any questions? XD