Moving the player - a physics spacial - along a MotionPath

Hi guys.

Been struggling on this for ages. My application uses the HelloCollision physics demo program. The player is an invisible physics spacial (charactercontrol, with a capsulecollisionshape). I am trying to do something potentially simple. I have a list of vectors, and I want the player/camera to follow this path. I have tried using normal Motionpaths, but this is just for use with a camera, and works to an extent, but after the motionpath is finished, the interaction between the camera and the player is lost. I need a way to physically move the player along the motion path, via some type of set physics location equivalent. Any ideas?


*Turn out the player isn’t a spatial, its a charactercontrol. Really stuck how to do this.

Well then you should move it like a character control… Direction Vector is (target - myLocation * speed). MotionPaths are not meant as a replacement for such simple movement of objects, its for cinematics.