Multiple Scenes at Once?

Hey guys, I’m new to jMonkey, and I was wondering if it is possible to load in multiple scenes at once. Obviously I wouldn’t be displaying them all at once, and I realize it wouldn’t be the fastest thing. I just care if it is possible or not.

I don’t particularly care about the HOW, just if it IS possible.

(My reason for wanting to know is mainly for use in multiplayer games where players could be in different scenes. For example, if one was inside a house and another outside of it.)

Thank you in advance!

You can load multiple scenes and attach each of them to one main Node and then put this one onto the rootNode when switching between scenes that should be displayed.

On a multiplayer server you can do quite the same. Although you should think about if you need the scenegraph at all. (If you use it for collision detection that would be a good reason as of my oppinion. I’m doing it this way.)

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Awesome, just what I needed to know. Thanks!

Yeah, you can do that. In my game you can have up to three viewports at the same time. They’re not showing the same scene, mind you, but the gist of it is similar.


If by different scenes you mean different stuff attached to the main scene node then yes. This is why application states are for :slight_smile:

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