Multiresolution in jME

Hello there,

we're still working on this project of ours where we work on an indoor fire effect among other things. Our tutor on this project says it might be useful for us to consider multiresolution modeling. Short question: Is multiresolution modeling supported in any way in jME?

Thank you

Do you mean like LoD??

Both Continuous and Discrete LoD is supported in jME…

Probably Discrete would be your best bet.

Here’s what I had in mind.

I don’t think it’ll help us, but I have to take look at it first if it exists… If you mean Level of Detail, I guess it’s related or pretty much the same thing.

All of those examples look like some sort of Continuous LoD, which is often more of a performance drop than gain (it takes a lot of processing power to continually update the mesh data).  Most games opt for using Discrete LoD (distance based switching) with pre-modeled objects…