Myrdragor – A massive multiplayer online sandbox game

Hey folks,

with this posting we want to introduce ourselves and our project to the JME Community. Our Project is in development for over a year now, and even if open beta is still month away, we would like to give you the opportunity to participate from now on.

You could say, that this project started years ago, when Agares and me first met. Being both programmers and gamers, we shortly after decided to make a game. It was a just a funny idea, including some planning and stuff, till Agares found JME. And so we started …

Myrdragor should become a big part of our life, both working half to full time on the project for nearly two years now. Till today, we have another three 3D Designers, three artists, a composer and a lot of people who contribute to gamedesign and teammoral. While Agares is working mainly on the code, i do the GameDesign and PR. We want to make Myrdragor a nice game, and yes, we want to earn money with it.

Our little studio “AgTiNet” is located in Dortmund, Germany.


Since a few days we started our website, facebook, twitter and stuff. If you want to take a closer look or even join the community, you are free to do so.


Facebook: AgTiNet

Twitter: AgTiNet

We try to commit everything in german and english language, but please forgive us, if anything sounds a bit strange in english, we both are a bit rusted.


Ok, now to the funny part. What is Myrdragor?

" Myrdragor combines the classic MMORPG with the freedom of a classic RPG, it combines open world aspects and sandbox concepts, it has the ambition to create a free and vibrant world. Myrdragor gives players the opportunity to be relevant to the world and its history, by their actions and their creativity."

Ok, so much to our PR. Now lets get to some hardfacts.

  • There will be no classes, but a complex skill and talentsystem, allowing you to create any class you want. We even have a free magic system, allowing you to design your own spells.
  • There will be not only housing, but towning and even “kingdoming”. You could even spend your whole days just doing politics, trade stuff or work in the blacksmith.
  • Stuff in the World is not fixed. You can chop a tree, mine some stones, pick up plants … and if you have the right spell, you could even animate some trees to steal them from another town or send them towards it, to crush their walls.
  • Crushing walls, yeah. We have attackable Towns and full pvp. You can even capture a town and make it your own.
  • Myrdragor comes with a landscape and dungeon editor, allowing you to design content for the game. If its implemented, you even get some rewards.

    You see, Myrdragor aimes at a fulltime experience. We try to make as much possible as we can, always grinding between fun and balancing.

    That all we want to say at the moment, if there are questions, we will try to answer them.

    Last, we want to show you some old screenshots of the game, new ones will be coming with the new alpha client in a few weeks.

    Please bear in mind, that none of this pictures include models done by our 3D Artists.

Good luck with it, that’s a massive project :slight_smile:

Yeah, this looks something big, specially the ability to everyone design their own character the way they want ^^ good luck with that!

wow cool! I like the no-class system and going with a straight skill tree, reminds me of the good UO days :slight_smile:

Best of luck, and keep us posted on your progress and with the beta!

Gratz, looking nice already. Terrain editor in-game and with nifty gui, nice one :smiley:

Very cool, I think I’ll be watching this one grow. Your sandbox concepts are very like my own ideas that I’m working on in my game, although I’m going more to the pve side of gaming. I’ll be happy to assist in testing when you get to that point.

If its MMO are you thinking free-2-play modelling, subscriptions or one-off fee based? (if you’ve got that far yet)

Gratz on your work, even if they are old pics they look very clean and friendly.

@ zarch, shirkit, sploreg and normen: Thanks :slight_smile:

@ radanz: Thanks too. We are prepared to do all of those, we will see what fits best when the game is out. There will be free-2-play, but you can be sure that it does not contain full content. We will release news on that in a few weeks i guess, so there is not more i can say at the moment.

Update: Agares gave me the hint that even if the project is in planning for two years now, the coding stated just a year ago. :slight_smile:

Today we released a first video including some artworks and a song done by our composer. Perhaps this will fill the gap till new footage will be realeased. :slight_smile:


haha, looking at 3:12, it remind me about erlend_sh somehow :roll:

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googled him and i have to agree somehow … but just a bit. :slight_smile:

yeh pretty sure thats a copyright infrigement using erlend in your game :slight_smile:

Looks sexy enough to me, I won’t sue. Royalties should do nicely.

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Merry christmas everybody!

We have a little present for our fellow fans. Check out our new video and if you like, check in at and read the full tutorial.


And no, you can’t download the alpha atm. We will open alpha in some weeks :slight_smile:


Wow, the terrain editor looks great, especially smooth tool, the slope generator, and the texture tools. Also, I love the music. Keep up the great work. I’m looking forward to alpha!

Nice progress on that landscape editing :slight_smile:

Hey Guys!

It was a quiet winter, but busy it was. We are hitting Alpha in a few weeks and thus took a long look back. To share some of those impressions with you, we made a video from clips we made during development. Have some fun and stay tuned :slight_smile:

A very excited Tirnithil :slight_smile:



It’s looking fantastic! Great vid, and great music too ^^

Our latest Video :slight_smile: Have fun with it.



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Very nicely done guys. Say, maybe you’d have some pointers to share with @atomix seeing as he’s actually working on a character customization tutorial at the moment.

Hey erlend,

thats a good idea. We will try the deform bones in the next days, if they work as intended, we could have a chat with @atomix about this.
Also we have done interesting camera stuff for you, I just had no time to contribute it yet, sry. Time is short these days :smiley:

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