Nakama server (Heroic Labs)

A plug for them because it may be something you are looking for. And considering most indie games are on a tight budget, this was a god-send. (Free is always my budget)

Solid solution for anything from MMO to multiplayer turn-based mobile games.
Open source… and free.
Has a Java client… which made me think of jMonkey, of course.

Anyways. I’m not affiliated with the project, so I likely can’t answer many questions. But! you can talk with the devs on Gitter and you have access to the source-code. The documentation is solid. Extensible via registered RPCs written in Lua.




Looks pretty decent. I do, however, get the impression that it’s designed to scale up by adding separate servers. For a lot of games (like FPSs) this isn’t a problem, but for single-instance MMO games (like EVE online) this isn’t really an option and some sort of spatial division scheme is needed to scale a world to large sizes. Do you know what options it has for server <-> server networking?

I honestly couldn’t tell you one way or the other. My use-case is far from MMO territory… however I do know that it is being used for this, so asking the question out at the Gitter link above will get you an answer in minutes.

It’s ok, really just curious. As I mentioned in this thread I’m developing a MMO engine and I use spatial division to scale a single-instance world. Nakama is the first open-source project like that that I’ve seen so I was wondering what it does for the MMO genre.