Saying Hi! Hoping all is well

Hoping all is well with every1! Been quite a while… yes.

What’s the latest from JMonkey?
Anything interesting happening?
Any released projects to check out?

Anyways… here your opportunity for shameless plugs. And will give me cool sheeeet to look at!


Welcome back.

Paul is on vacation. Rémy is writing a GLTF importer. Alex is writing an editor for jME3 named SpaceShift.

SkyControl is on hold because I have an insane animation editor project (named Maud) currently in alpha test…


Welcome back!

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Nice to see you back again. There is good stuff going on with your Gui and emitter projects. Your talents were missed while you were away.

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Wow :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Wow :wink: welcome back!

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Welcome back.

Regarding bigger WIP projects to check out I’d say Skullstone and Lightspeed Frontier (totally not a shameless plug :stuck_out_tongue:)


And OpenKeeper :slight_smile:


Hey welcome back!.
On the engine’s part, lot of new stuffs I’d say…but not that much. PBR maybe is the most important change to me. (I don’t remember if you were still around when it got in). Though it’s still technically not released yet…
And life goes on in the monkey’s world.


I’m only semi-back. I’ve actually made the jump to Unity (a while back) Ported all my projects over there, etc. Seeing as all features are free now, was kind of hard to pass up.

The entity/component model they have is slightly irritating, but I’ve found some work-arounds to it using a bridge monospace class to reverse the GameObject creates and owns component classes. Their model has some cool uses for rapid dev & integration into their IDE, but it makes it VERY difficult to structure code. So, I figured out how to break their model lol and reverse the process. Class creates GameObject attaches bridge component and stores itself within the bridge, which allows you to bypass their visual scene dev and work directly from a coding standpoint, but still leverage the benefits of their model.

Anyways…enough about Unity.

Has anyone here heard of Nakama server from Heroic Labs? They have a java client, which made me think of jMonkey. It’s an open-source back-end solution for anything from mobile games to mmos.

If no one has mentioned it yet… go look it up and then start sharing it here on the forum. Literally the coolest thing I’ve found in years.

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I’m actually interested in building a a new project in jmonkey and was hoping to pick some peoples brains about how to solve some of the issues with android/ios dev that made it impossible to keep developing in jMonkey.

Unity has the ability to manage assets outside of your apk/ipa. It is a f**king NIGHTMARE to get working correctly, but once you do, it works and its solid. considering that Unity has to to convert all native code to java, this should be totally possible to do in jMonkey as well.

Has anyone looked into how to approach this problem?
The process is straight forward and should be easy to add to jMonkey


Hey, welcome back!

cool sheeeet

As far as the projects go, here are some in the “release-ish” stages:

More WIP:

Probably missed a whole bunch, that’s just on the top of my head.

Otherwise @thetoucher’s been making some awesome PBR demos, found in the monthly threads. And ofc the SS Editor.


Wow!! These are all really cool!


Welcome :slight_smile:

Welcome back!

@MoffKalast Thanks for mentioning it, but Rusted Intelligence is actually dead. I’ve worked on Pixel Construction for a while and am now doing S-RC Bots, which is really fun and motivating to make (contrary to the other two which I abandoned because making content felt like a chore).

From my reading of their basic docs, it would seem it’s kind of a match making and chat service. But I don’t see it having spider-monkey-like functionality. Am I wrong? Could some one elaborate on what this system does?

Welcome back! :slight_smile:

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Welcome back @t0neg0d :slight_smile:

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Welcome back! I’ve never really announced it here yet, but I’m working on a distributed MMO server/client. The idea is that when finished, MMO developers would have no server programming to do and could develop entire games (in multiple genres) by only uploading their assets and scripting game object behaviors. If server support for a feature is needed, a plugin system allows for fairly painless extension of the core server.

Oh no… it’s a realtime server written for anything from FPS to full MMO. It just happens to be a VERY workable solution for many other game types as well.

EDIT: If your need is pier to pier, this is not the solution you want.